Our Story

The Online Fence Store ships fence fittings and accessories throughout the U.S. We do not ship any posts, panels, pipe, wire or any other large item. We encourage you to buy the "big stuff" locally to support your local economy. But then you can save some money, and time, by getting your fence fittings and accessories from us. We ship directly to your door and we offer free shipping on all products.

Selling fence supplies is only one part of my business. I am also in the business of telling people about the love of God and His concern for all people. It is commonly taught in our public schools that there is no god and that evolution is responsible for all living creatures. I know that this is not true. I know that the God of the Bible is true originator of all life. I present the evidence for this on my website. If you are interested in knowing the real reason that you were born into this world then I encourage you to seek the truth. If it would help then please visit Jeften.com

Free shipping on all orders in the continental U.S.A.