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Our electric fence supplies come from Dare Products. Dare has been in business since 1948. When you purchase Dare electric fence supplies you are getting high quality products.Ground clamp for electric fencing

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"I am very pleased with your product and quick delivery of the same. I will definitely use your store again in the future." Chuck

Electric fencing is an affordable way to contain animals. Gate handle for electric fenceHigh tensile fencing is not too difficult to install once you familiarize yourself with the system. And, unlike low carbon wire, high tensile will never need to be re-stretched. The post for a high tensile electric fence can be wood, metal or fiberglass. With wood or metal posts you will need to use insulators between the wire and the post.

The most important component of an electric fence is often the ground. When people have issues with their electric fence not delivering enough of a shock it is often the ground that is at fault. Make sure that weeds and other vegetation has not grown up and shorted out the lower wire. Also check all the connections to make sure that they are clean and tight.

We carry a wide variety of fencing supplies including insulators, tension springs and strainers. Our energizers are top-notch and come with a one year warranty. We have a wide assortment of strainers, crimping sleeves and assorted electric accessories. We ship most orders within one business day. We offer free shipping and there is no sales tax.

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