Gutter Screws

Gutter screws.
  • For gutter repair and installation.
  • Ceramic coated to resist corrosion.
  • Greater holding power than gutter nails.
  • Available in white and brown.
  • High quality sharp threads.
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Ceramic Coated Gutter Screws (T-30)
Pound (50 Count)
Box (250 Count)
Pound (50 Count)
Box (250 Count)

Big Timber Gutter Screws

Our Big Timber brand gutter screws are available in brown or white and in quantities of 50 or 250 per package. These are high performance exterior coated screws for professional operations. They are made with high quality heat treated steel. Their deep, wide, sharp screw threads provide maximum holding power. The high quality screw threads cut cleanly and easily through tough materials.

Torx/star drive delivers twice the torque of Phillips or square drive screws. And the deep Torx/star head reduces "cam-out" and increases bit life. These are excellent screws for new gutter installation, gutter nail replacement, etc. Install these quality gutter screws with a T-30 Torx/star driver bit. Purchase bulk quantity gutter screws for the best possible value.

Free shipping on all orders of $25 or more in the U.S.A.

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